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  Novosti na področju dela in prostih delovnih mest   Novosti na področju dela in prostih delovnih mest   Novosti na področju dela in prostih delovnih mest   Novosti na področju dela in prostih delovnih mest   Novosti na področju dela in prostih delovnih mest  
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Last weekend an event was held in Rovinj with the purpose of introducing the attendees to different aspects of blockchain, focusing especially on the possibilities of developing a startup on this technology.

Current economic growth in Slovenia already results in the lack of candidates on the labour market. The upcoming problems and challenges regarding recruitment of employees are the reason that Slovenian branch of the employment agency Naton Work Service decided to organize a round table on May 17th in idyllic environment of Golf Club Arboretum.

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They say about us
" Hella Saturnus Slovenija and employment agency Naton HR have been in business relationship since the year 1995. Our cooperation has been excellent ever since, one of the results of our long-term partnership is that Naton HR has adjusted their business model in order to make it more compatible with ours. Currently there are 460 workers who are employed in Naton HR and are temporarily hired by our company.”
Christof Droste, CEO,
Hella Saturnus Slovenija d.o.o.
" During the process of finding suitable personnel, starting with advertising a work post and finishing with employing a new co-worker, the team of Naton HR displayed a high degree of motivation to successfully and timely complete the project. With their help it didn't take long for us to hire new co-workers. A decision which later turned out to be more than right… We relied on their expertise in human resource selection and this was a very wise move on our part.”
Suzana Burnik, HR Manager,
Ilirija d.d.
" Our company Krka-farma has been cooperating with the agency Naton HR for a longer period in relation to staff selections and head-hunting for several higher positions, inside and outside the scope of pharmaceutical domain. We are really satisfied with the cooperation with Naton HR, because the agency proved to be a reliable partner, with respect and individualistic approach to us as a client. Their team showed discretion and confidentiality to us as well as to their potential candidates.”
Krka-farma d.o.o.,
Zagreb, Croatia
" Our company has been cooperating with the employment agency Naton for more than a year and some of our employees are currently working through Naton HR. We are extremely satisfied with attention and loyalty which Naton HR showed us as our HR partner together with a high level of professionalism in selection processes and temporary employment. Moreover, Naton HR proved to have an individual approach to us and was always available for all questions and details we needed concerning employment issues.”
Julijan Naskov, M.D., Country General manager,
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