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  Novosti na področju dela in prostih delovnih mest   Novosti na področju dela in prostih delovnih mest   Novosti na področju dela in prostih delovnih mest   Novosti na področju dela in prostih delovnih mest   Novosti na področju dela in prostih delovnih mest  
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Counseling Services



COUNSELING SERVICES help candidates manage obstacles related to their job search and career goals. Typical obstacles candidates face include bad resume, inadequate preparation for a job interview, as well as, lack of career direction and life management skills. Naton HR counselors help candidates increase self-awareness so they can better prepare and make proper job choices and career decisions. 


The purpose of Naton HR Career Counseling is to:

  • Equip candidates with the tools, skills and knowledge to improve and develop their job search skills
  • Empower candidates to choose and attain jobs that fit their expectations and career plans

Our counselors assist candidates in their job search. Their help includes job placement assistance and employment counseling through individual assessment (examination of your personal characteristics, potentials and skills through graphological analysis), resume writing, interviewing assistance and job etiquette.



Are you curious about what are your personal characteristics and potentials?
Order a personal graphological analysis that will serve you as a reference when you are searching for a new job, help you recognize the most suitable job, become aware of your strongest personality characteristics and abilities, most strongly expressed weakness, as well as, the direction in which to develop your personal potential. 


Do you want your resume to stand out?

Each resume is unique to the individual. Education, work experience and community service varies greatly from one individual to another. Naton HR counselors will help you design the best resume to represent you.


Do you need interview preparation?

Naton HR offers interviewing advice and ideas. In addition, mock interviews are offered to interested candidates.


Do you want to ensure making the best impression on the interviewer?

From showing up on time to way of dressing, Naton HR counselors can give you tips on good manners and proper behavior that are essential for succesful job interview.


Registering online to Naton HR database is essential to receiving maximum assistance in finding employment.

Upon registration, you may schedule on-line appointment for individual counseling by skype address HR counselor.

We will be happy to assist you!

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