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Strategic solutions


STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS provide succesful managing of human resources investments by effectively aligning human resources with strategic plans and business goals. Whether you are interested in organizational design, change management, communications planning or lean consulting, our strategic solutions offer proven methods to deal effectively with your HR challenges and build your corporate value.




Organizational development is more than just building organizational structure and processes. It assumes aligning values, people, culture, and strategy with the vision and mission of the organization. 

Naton HR can provide you with solutions that can help you align your business ecosystem. Our consultants are committed to effectively identify symptoms of problems in organizations, suggest and guide implementation of needed interventions to resolve them.



Organization design is the systematic process of defining structures, processes,  systems, and people practices to create an effective organization capable to achieve the business strategy. From organizational design perspective, organizations serve as a vehicle for accomplishing the strategic goals of the business.

A well-designed organization helps everyone in the business to do their jobs effectively. We help clients to avoid barriers and frustrations caused by flaws in their organizational design and adjust the organizational structure to fit the needs of all stakeholders.

Naton HR can help clients with organizational design through (re)defining organizational structure, job evaluation, job redesign and competency-based development.


The role of management in an organisation is to set directions and associated goals for the organization and ensure that the organization achieves them. This involves both long term and short term strategies and ensuring that everyday work (aside of change) is properly done without loss for the business. One of the most important tasks of managers is to decide on and implement change. 

Naton HR can help clients with planning the change interventions, setting goals, targets, timelines and resource limits. During the process, our consultants act as ‘change agents’, developing and guiding the change process and getting workforce on board with the bigger organizational picture.

Naton HR can help clients with change management interventions through strategic direction setting, strategy formulation process and its implementation through customized interventions that fits their strategic plan.



One of the most important, and unfortunately most neglected part of organizational planning process is corporate communication planning. Corporate communications include all writen, spoken and electronic interactions with target audiences and puts in writing corporate imperatives, goals or ways in which corporate objectives are expected to be accomplished.

Naton HR can help clients develop and implement corporate communication plans through design of their print publications, online communications, documentation and manuals, meeting and conference materials, media and public relations materials, corporate identity materials, etc.



With Lean Consulting, Naton HR is able to help clients maximise their business potential within any operational environment. Lean solutions provide clients with significant, sustainable improvements in performance while simultaneously achieving major savings. If you are interested in reducing waste and improving the quality of your work, turn to us for Lean advice.

Basic LEAN processes and their value for your business:

  5S proces knowledge implementation XXX
  Error proffing knowledge implementation XXX
  Kaizen knowledge implementation XXX
  Kanban knowledge implementation XXX
  Value stream mapping knowledge implementation XXX
  Material control knowledge implementation


Besides helping clients implement the 'lean' way of working, we also help them establish 'lean' way of thinking. We educate workers in lean basics before they come on the production floor. By transfering our lean knowledge to employees, we are able to provide and optimise production line together and for the long term.

We guarantee our clients money savings, efficiency and higher quality of production.



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