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Staffing Solutions


STAFFING SOLUTIONS help our clients fill the gap in their hiring process. Whether there is a temporary need for the assistance or demand for the permanent assignment, Naton HR will increase your business efficiency by providing and ensuring the most qualified candidates for your open positions.




In these unstable times, due to the unsteady volume of orders that present a risk for the business, many companies cannot afford to employ workforce full-time. As a business partner, Naton HR is able to offer such companies the opportunity to temporarily hire workforce.

Temporary, contract and interim positions are becoming more and more needed as these positions offer variety and flexibility for both sides in the process. Through Naton HR database, our clients have access to candidates with a wide range of experience and skills.  

Naton HR is able to offer temporary solutions that enable companies workforce flexibility, minimize exposure to government regulations, employee liability costs, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, while reducing costs of benefits and taxes to employers:

  • we minimize hiring mistakes
  • we act as an extension of HR department, which reduces clients (employers) overhead
  • we reduce potential downsizing costs (as downsizing can hurt business' bottom line)

We offer two methods of temporary workforce hire:



Workers are employed full-time by Naton HR and perform their work for the client. The client pays only the working hours actually carried out by the worker. This method of the hiring process complies with all legal regulations, the collective agreement for this activity and other general acts in force. The key advantage is that sick leaves and other forms of absence do not hinder the client.

This employment method enables great flexibility and efficient risk management related to labour costs.



The worker is employed full-time by Naton HR, while the client as the user of Naton HR services pays the actual costs of the employee plus an agreed monthly fee (commission).


Service Guarantee:

At hiring labour force we guarantee quick response time and financial savings, since the hire also entails the service provider carrying out tasks in the field of human resources and calculation of wages for you. Both services provide the option of reallocating workers to client's company.



Recruiting for permanent roles requires a different approach to recruiting contractors, so we’ve built up a specialist division of highly experienced and knowledgeable experts. - See more at:

Recruiting for permanent roles and assignments requires a different approach than temporary employment.

During the process, our HR consultants operate as an outsourced partner, providing a reliable and dedicated service that responds dynamically to clients needs. We apply proven recruitment methodology, selection tools, proactive resourcing techniques, credible profiling and assessment solutions.

Our HR consultants operate in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria and recruit candidates for entry and admin positions up to mid to senior level, across a number of sectors including pharmacy, IT, retail, supply chain, production...

Naton HR success comes from the ability to provide a customized solutions to permanent recruitment, and from our ability to provide innovative proposals that are always in line with the financial and company culture requirements of our clients.



We offer three methods of permanent employment:



Working with various educational institutions and in partnership with colleges and universities across Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria, Naton HR is able to acquire the greatest young potentials and graduates for your entry positions. Turn to us to help you find the most suitable and long-term candidates before your competitors, so you would build a talent pipeline and increase your interal workforce strenght beforehand.


Working across a number of sectors, Naton HR is able to provide candidates for roles in the fields of Finance, HR, IT, Admin, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain and Operations amongst others. By applying proven recruitment methodology, we provide staffing solutions that best work in sales, techno-commercial, general commercial and the manufacturing industry. While carefully choosing shortlisted candidates, we focus on your business as a whole, rather than just filling the vacancy.


Use Naton HR expertise for the purposes of executive recruitment. We use a comprehensive technique to identify, attract and then secure highly skilled, often quite rare individuals or experienced directors for very specific appointments. We understand that 'human capital' is the new currency on the market. For this reason, we put high focus on proper identifying less tangible candidate qualities such as tolerance to stress, level of flexibility, adaptability, up to grading traditional indicators like qualifications and experience.

Service Guarantee:

Within the framework of the contractual relationship with the client, we guarantee for the selection process and for choosing the right candidate in accordance with conditions agreed upon beforehand.


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