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Human Resources Solutions





HR SOLUTIONS help organizations run their processes related to people management as efficiently and effectively as possible. With considerable expertise in the area of HR, Naton HR is able to deliver tailored and flexible HR services that meet the needs of our clients. We can support all types of organizations that are looking to either outsource their HR service requirements, need support in HR management, are seeking asisstance in specific HR projects, or are looking for ad hoc support and guidance.



Naton HR is commited to provide a professional, cost-effective approach to human resource management (HRM). We ensure that HR issues are handled with care, paying special attention to local regulations and legislation compliance.

We offer three types of HRM solutions:


Naton HR consultants can advise and serve clients on all aspects related to designing HR within the organization, from ways on how to structure new HR department (start-up), redesign HR processes, prepare and execute HR audit, develop HR policies and procedures, validate HR documentation, as well as, develop and implement employee handbooks. HR (re)design is aimed to help clients to engage their workforce, reduce employee related risks, and increase productivity accordingly.


Employers are required to consistently adhere to strict regulations and acts pertaining to labor law. If your company struggles in this area, you are welcome to use Naton HR regulatory compliance services. We enable businesses to outsource their regulatory/legislation requirements (we do draw-up and review of general employment acts, employment contracts and employment related rules and procedures) and help them manage all aspects of their employee relations (develop and implement the most effective corrective actions, terminations, exit-interviews, managing disputes...). By hiring us, our clients avoid potentially major penalties imposed by the local legislation and law suits filed by employees.


In cooperation with our strategic partner COTRUGLI business school, Naton HR is able to help clients in their process of restructuring (downsizing, rightsizing, redundancies and lay offs) and assist former employees to succesfully transition to new jobs and re-orient on the job market. We offer career management, professional advice and assistance in searching for a new job for your employees, along with the possibility of professional retraining or further education. Companies who hire us for outplacement demonstrate strong social responsibility and are seen as desired employers even in their periods of crisis.



Organizations cannot build a good team of productive employees without strategic and systematic approach to HR  development. The key focus of human resource development (HRD) evolves around maximization of employees potential through tailored based competency assessments,  performance management and training programs.

Naton HR offers clients services that can build a framework for the expansion of their human capital and improve the organization performance:

  • Skills and competency assessments
  • Setting up of performance appraisal system
  • Development of training and development programs

We offer three types of HRD solutions:



To deliver credible assessment outcomes, we cooperate with high-profile consultants in the field of psychology in human resource selection and people development. Based on our clients needs, we offer two assesment methods: psychological testing and graphological analysis.

Psychological testing provides an unbiased insight into characteristics and competence of job candidates. It is a tool that enables clients to learn more about the personality structure and candidates fit for required job openning. Psychological testing highlights areas such as personal traits and interests, overall and specific intellectual abilities, potential for long-term achievements, taking on different team roles, career anchors, values, etc.

Graphological analysis is an assessment method based on graphology - study of analyzing and studying human handwriting in relation to a person's psychological traits. It enables screening of candidate's competencies, most prominent character features and most likely areas for development. Along with this, it also helps organizations in identifying high-performers and potentials in the selection of new, prospective or managerial staff, assigning suitable team or project roles and finding the new and right job positions in cases of companies reorganisation. It can also serve as a career management tool, as clients are able to clarify the candidate's most suitable career direction and assess their promptness for promotion within the organization.

In both options, psychological testing and graphological analysis, the final assessment reports provide clients with an insight into the true nature of the person they are deciding on and eliminate doubts about staffing and/or development choices.


Naton HR aim is to help organizations to maximize the potential of their workforce, provide suggestions that can help them bring further improvement, and execute better on their corporate strategy. Our performance management solution can help you translate your corporate goals into department-specific metrics that everyone can understand – for increased accountability and control, streamlined processes, and strategy-guided, risk-aware reporting and plans.

Performance management is beneficial as it enables clients to form an outline of their anticipated goals in much clearer terms and thereby, helps them execute the goals with best possible efforts. Performance appraisals, when taken on a regular and proper basis, motivate the employees.


We believe that knowledge is the best investment in the future. This is the reason why we partnered with COTRUGLI Business School to bring our clients the best development opportunities and offer great education & learning packages. With wide portfolio of development programs for individuals and companies (...MBA, Executive MBA (EMBA), Chief Executive MBA (CEMBA), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), company workshop programs, lifelong learning programs...) we are able to meet specific development expectations of our clients and adapt to geographical location and time availability of the candidates.




for further details on our HR management & HR development solutions.

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